Prosecution Council of Kosovo

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The new member of the Prosecutorial Council from the ranks of the Chamber of Advocates of Kosovo is sworn in

Prishtinë, 18 June 2024-The Kosovo Prosecutorial Council (KPC), led by Chairman Ardian Hajdaraj, held its 249th meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting, the new non-prosecution member of the Prosecution Council from the ranks of the Kosovo Chamber of Advocates, Mustafa Nuhiu, who was elected by the Assembly of Kosovo, took the oath, in which case Chairman Hajdaraj welcomed him, wishing him successful work in his mandate.

The decisions that were taken at today’s meeting are as follows, in which case the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council:

• Approved the final evaluation reports on the completion of the initial training for the tenth generation state prosecutors and the decision of the Governing Council of the Academy of Law;

• Approved the Annual Work Report for 2023 of the Supervisory Commission for the Implementation of the Strategic Plan and Action Plan for Combating Corruption and Economic Crimes, together with a recommendation of the KPC members;

• Approved the Regulation on the Procedure for Recruitment, Admission, Appointment and Probationary Work for Employees in the Administration of the Prosecution System, together with the relevant appendices;

• Approved the Personnel Planning Regulation, together with the relevant appendices;

• Approved the Regulation for the Disciplinary Procedure of the Administrative Staff in the Prosecutorial System of Kosovo;

• Approved the Budget Request for 2025 and Early Estimates for 2026-2027;

• Formed a working group for the drafting of the report that will contain the analysis and recommendations for the revision of the compensation scheme;
• Formed a working group to examine the possibility of including non-procuratorial members in KPC commissions;

• Approved the proposals for the publication of disciplinary decisions by the competent authorities and for the publication of the decisions of the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council for Performance Evaluation;

• Held a hearing regarding the disciplinary case against a prosecutor in the Basic Prosecutor’s Office in Pristina, while the decision will be made public according to the laws in force.