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A person is arrested for counterfeiting money


Prishtinë, March 30, 2024 - The Special Prosecution (SP) announces the public that the Kosovo Police, the Directorate for the Investigation of Economic Crimes and Corruption have implemented an Operational Plan to prevent the introduction of counterfeit money from other countries into Kosovo.

The Special Prosecution  announces that after an operative investigative work, the kosovo police has carried out an  operation  the town of Hani Elez, after obtaining the information  that the suspected I.D, a citizen of North Macedonia, brought  false  money, specifically American dollars, into Kosovo.

The suspect was arrested in the act by police investigators during his attempt to put into circulation a large amount of US dollars that are suspected to be counterfeit.

Also, from this action, money in the amount of:

• ninety-six thousand (96,000.00) US dollars,

• one (1) Reno Megane vehicle used in the case by the suspect

• one (1) mobile phone.

With these actions, the prohibited I.D. has committed the criminal offense "Money forgery” from article 296 of the CCRK, as well as by decision of the Special Prosecution, the same is sent to detention for 48 hours.