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Prosecution of Appeal

The Appellate Prosecution is established to act before the Court of Appeal. This Prosecution consists of the General Department and the Serious Crimes Department and has jurisdiction throughout the territory of the Republic of Kosovo.

The Appellate Prosecution is headed by the Chief Prosecutor of the Prosecution, appointed under the Law on the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council.

Prosecutors appointed to the Appellate Prosecution Office are specialized in representing criminal prosecution before the Court of Appeal. When a prosecution case is brought before the Court of Appeal, the prosecutor who initiated or conducted the prosecution, with the approval of the Chief State Prosecutor, may accompany and assist the State Prosecutor in filing a complaint or defense against the complaint.

The competence of the Appellate Prosecution is to make proposals in appeals against decisions and judgments, to rule on conflicts of jurisdiction between the basic prosecution offices and to consider other matters provided by law.

The Appellate Prosecution Office is in Pristina.

Postal address of the Appellate Prosecution:

Palace of Justice P.N. Character Object C.


Luljeta Kollona
Nr. tel. 038 / 200-18-857

Administrative Assistant:

Ramize Bejiqi
Tel.fix: 038 / 200-18-867
Address: Appellate Prosecution, Palace of Justice, Building C, Hajvali-Prishtina