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The 230th Meeting of the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council is held

Prishtinë, 23 May 2023 – The Kosovo Prosecutorial Council (KPK), led by the Chairman Jetish Maloku, held the 230th meeting in a row, according to the planned agenda.

The Kosovo Prosecutorial Council started today's meeting with the presentation of the reports of the chief prosecutors of the country's prosecutions for the period January-March 2023, these reports, which were approved by the members of the KPC.

Then, the KPC made a decision to announce the competition for the position of chief prosecutor of the Basic Prosecution in Gjakovë, from June 1, 2023, in which case it established the Evaluation Panel and the Review Commission, as well as decided to open the internal announcement for the advancement of two (2) prosecutors in the Special Prosecution of the Republic of Kosovo (SPRK).

The members of the Prosecutorial Council also approved the report of the Commission for the advancement of five (5) prosecutors in the Department of Serious Crimes in the Basic Prosecution of Prishtina and approved the request of the chief prosecutor of the Basic Prosecution of Mitrovica for the temporary transfer of two (2) female prosecutors from the Basic Prosecution of Ferizaj, as well as made a decision to open the internal announcement for the permanent transfer of two prosecutors to this prosecutor's office. 

Also, the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council approved two reports of the Performance Evaluation Commission for sixteen (16) prosecutors with a permanent mandate and approved a voluntary agreement for the alleged disciplinary violation against a prosecutor in the Basic Prosecutor's Office in Prizren.