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The 228th meeting of the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council is held

Prishtinë, 23 March 2023 – The Kosovo Prosecutorial Council (KPC), led by the Chairman Jetish Maloku, held the 228th meeting in a row, according to the planned agenda.

At the beginning of the meeting, the KPC established the investigative panel for the disciplinary case against a prosecutor of the Basic Prosecution in Prizren, as well as approved the annual report of the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council for 2022. Furthermore, the report on the activities and recommendations of the National Coordinator for Combating Economic Crime for the period October-December 2022, the summary report on the evaluation of superiors for prosecutors with a permanent mandate for 2022 and the report of the relevant Commission on the advancement of a prosecutor from The General Department in the Department for Serious Crimes of the Basic Prosecution in Prizren, as well as rejected the opposition of a candidate presented to the same report.

During this meeting, the request of the deputy chairman of the KPC for release from the position of the chairman of the Supervisory Commission for Cases of Corruption and Economic Crimes was approved, while in his place he chose a member of the Prosecutorial Council from the ranks of the Appellate Prosecutor's Office, as well as approved the request of the Chief Prosecutor of the Basic Prosecution in Mitrovica for the temporary transfer of a prosecutor from the Department for Juveniles to the Department for Serious Crimes, while regarding the request of the Chamber of Advocates for the amendment of the Administrative Instruction for the Procedures for the Compensation of Defenders with Public Expenses, it was decided that it is sent for review to the Committee on Budgets and then to proceed to the Committee on Normative Issues and to decide on it in one of the next meetings of the KPC.

Likewise, the KPC members approved the resignation of the Acting General Director of the KPK Secretariat, after his decree for state prosecutors, and appointed the new Acting Director of the KPC with a three-month mandate and made a decision to send the proposal to the president of the country to release a prosecutor from office upon reaching his retirement age.