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Prishtinë, May 19, 2023 - The Special Prosecution Office of the Republic of Kosovo (SPRK), filed today, in the Basic Court in Prishtinë - Special Department, an indictment in absentia against the accused with the initials G.P. for the criminal offense of rape during the war in Kosovo.

The Special Prosecution  Office announces that the defendant, as a member of the reserve police forces of Serbia, in complicity with other persons, contrary to the rules of international humanitarian law, with the use of physical violence and other inhuman actions, committed sexual violence against the male Albanian nationality.

With this action, the accused has committed the criminal offense "War crimes against the civilian population" from article 142 of the Criminal Code of Yugoslavia, currently incriminated as Crimes against humanity from article 143 paragraph 1 under paragraph 1.7 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kosovo .

Also, we inform you that this is the second indictment in absentia related to rape  during the war in Kosovo, brought after all the efforts of the prosecution to ensure the physical presence of the defendant in the proceedings have been exhausted, therefore, the Special Prosecution has proposed that the trial be held in absentia against the same.