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The Special Prosecution seizes and freezes 2,389,750 euros

Prishtinë, April 06, 2021 - The action of the Special Prosecution of the Republic of Kosovo (SPRK), in cooperation with the Kosovo Police, that started on March 31, 2021, in several "Call centers" in 17 different locations in Prishtina and Ferizaj, has continued during the following days.

The Special Prosecution announces that from the action of the Kosovo Police,conducted on April 5, were found and seized one million five hundred and twenty nine thousand seven hundred and fifty (1,529,750.00) euros,  suspected to have been benefited illegally  from the activities of "Call center ”, related to the criminal offenses of“ Fraud ”and“ Organized Crime ”.

It is worth mentioning that from March 31, 2021 until today, one million six hundred and eighty nine thousand seven hundred and fifty (1,689,750.00) euros have been found and seized from the  operation of the Special Prosecution, seven hundred thousand (700,000) euros have been frozen , nine (9) vehicles were seized, eighteen (18) persons were arrested, as well as a considerable number of computers, servers and mobile phones which were used for committing criminal offenses.