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The vacancy for Chief State Prosecutor is announced

Prishtinë, 12 January 2022 – The Kosovo Prosecutorial Council (KPC), chaired by Chairman Jetish Maloku, has held its 208th meeting in a row, in line with all safeguards against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Members of the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council have taken a decision at the beginning of this meeting to announce a competition for the election of Chief State Prosecutor. This decision was taken based on Regulation no. 06/2019 on the appointment of the Chief State Prosecutor and Chief Prosecutors of the Prosecution Offices of the Republic of Kosovo, which stipulates that the vacancy is announced at least 90 days before the expiration of the mandate of the current Chief State Prosecutor. The 7-year term of the current Chief State Prosecutor, Aleksandër Lumezi, will end on April 21, 2022.

KPC has also established the Evaluation Panel for scoring candidates applying for the position of Chief State Prosecutor. Members of this panel, in addition to the Chairman of the Council, Jetish Maloku, who, ex officio, is a member and chairman of the panel, through the lot were also selected members of the KPC, Ariana Shajkovci, Bedrije Syla-Alshiqi, Armend Zenelaj and Jovo Radovic.

Whereas, members of the Commission for review of the objections of the candidates for Chief State Prosecutor, after the drawing of lot, the members of the KPC, Veton Shabani, Ardian Hajdaraj and Agron Beka were selected.

The vacancy for Chief State Prosecutor will be announced on January 17, 2022 and will be open for 15 days from the day of the announcement.

Also, the Council has established four investigative panels for handling disciplinary cases against a prosecutor of the Special Prosecution of the Republic of Kosovo, a prosecutor of the Basic Prosecution of Prishtina and two prosecutors of the Basic Prosecution of Mitrovica.

At the end of the meeting, two disciplinary hearings were held in the case of a prosecutor in the Basic Prosecution of Ferizaj and a prosecutor in the Basic Prosecution of Prishtina, and the relevant decisions will be made public as provided by law.