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The activities of the prosecution administration are discussed

Prishtina, 30 September 2021 - The Acting General Director of the Secretariat of the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council (KPSS), Valdrin Krasniqi, held a meeting with the administrators of the Prosecution Offices of the Republic of Kosovo. The meeting was also attended by the heads of KPCS departments.

The purpose of this meeting was to address issues related to the proper functioning of prosecutions.

During the meeting it was discussed about the commitments in advancing the implementation of the Electronic Case Management System, the level of security in the premises of the prosecutorial system, the compensation of experts and the implementation of the decision for protection from COVID-19.

The Acting General Director of the KPCS, Valdrin Krasniqi, during this meeting has requested from the administrators continuous commitment in achieving the objectives and work plans of the prosecution.

While he informed the administrators about the activities that are taking place for the systematization of jobs in the administration of the prosecutorial system of Kosovo. Regarding this topic, the Acting Director of the KPCS said that the purpose of this process is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the administration of the prosecutorial system.

On the other hand, the administrators have expressed their readiness for continuous commitment in the realization of all planned plans, while appreciating the work that is being done in the systematization of administration jobs.