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Indictment for prohibited trade and money laundering

Prishtina, October 23, 2020 - The Special Prosecution of the Republic of Kosovo has filed an indictment in the Basic Court in Prishtina - Special Department, against the defendant M.G. for the criminal offenses "Prohibited trade" and "Money laundering".

The Special Prosecution announces that defendant M.G. on 14.08.2020, he was found exercising economic activity without authorization and without the relevant permit, since in his car were found undeclared hidden funds in euro currency, in total sixty five thousand four hundred and fifty euros (65,450.00 €), for which the defendant did not declare the means, and which were seized by the Special Prosecution according to the Order of the Pre-Trial Judge of the Basic Court Prishtina - Special Department. With these actions, the above-mentioned defendant has committed the criminal offense, "Prohibited Trade".

Also, the defendant M.G. on 14.08.2020, knowing or having reason to know that he was carrying cash, hidden in his vehicle, having them in possession tried to hide or disguise the true nature, the source, the place of occurrence, settlement, movement, rights in relation to the ownership of this property, or in any circumstances, in order to cause avoidance of legal consequences or possible legal consequences. With these actions, the defendant has committed the criminal offense of "Money laundering".