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Crisis management training is held in the public communication of the prosecutorial system

Prishtina, June 30, 2019 - The Office for Public Communication of the Secretariat of the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council in cooperation with the German Foundation for International Legal Cooperation (IRZ) has organized training on communication in crisis situations, training, which was held under protection measures from pandemic and through distance communication, in which public communication officials of the prosecutorial system participated.

Based on the German experience, justice and media expert Brigitte Koppenhofer and other public relations communications and counseling expert Katrin Latki-Bair explained the issues of crisis prevention, the elements of success in the field of public communication in case of crisis, identifying the potential of these possible crises in the Kosovo prosecutorial system and developing an adequate plan for crisis situations.

During this training, the criteria for transparent communication, determination of public communication teams, determination of target internal and external groups, development of scenarios and definition of situations for warning of these crises were emphasized, as well as the necessary need for drafting a handbook on crisis management in the Kosovo prosecutorial system was raised, a document that would trace the professional treatment of certain situations, which challenge the institutional activity before the general public.